John Lewis Partnership – Waitrose & Partners Returns Policy

The John Lewis Partnership (JLP) is formed to change the name of both it’s branding to emphasize the importance of its partnership business structure. We will take a little of your time to enlighten you more on, John Lewis Partnership Adventures, and also teaches you about Waitrose & Partners Returns Policy.

The John Lewis Partnership (JLP) is an employee-owned company in the UK that operates the John Lewis $ Partners store, and also Waitrose $ Partners supermarket as well as it’s banking and financial services and other activities related to retails. The two retailers are called John Lewis $ Partners and Waitrose $ Partners.

The John Lewis Partnership company is into Home appliances, home, and garden, Technology, fashion, babies’ $ children’s products, sports, craft $ leisure. Isn’t it awesome to know that you can get help from the company to choose the right type of product to buy just as everyone sometimes needs? You also enjoy lots of benefits with their card.

NOTE: Vist www.johnlewis.com/buying-guides to for HELP on your buying guides.

Benefits Of My John Lewis Membership Card

My John Lewis Membership card is more than the name implies because it helps you get the most from your shopping with the company and they also give you rewards and treats throughout the year. See below for some of the rewards you get.

  • You will receive an exciting mix of seasonal rewards, vouchers, and treats.
  • Every time you use your membership card in-store or sign in to your online account, they will safely store receipts and guarantees in your ” My Account “section which you can access whenever you sign in to Johnlewis.com or their app.
  • Enjoy exclusive shopping event – With your exclusive invitation, you can shop before anyone else
  • You can choose to go paperless and receive your rewards and vouchers in the app, and if you like they can still alert you when you have new ones to redeem and when they are about to expire too.

They also have a special benefit for members who like anything make-up, skincare, and fragrance. You can look forward to extra beauty treat, exclusive event invitation, unmissable previews, and expert beauty advice.

 My John Lewis Membership Card

Before you can get your John Lewis membership card, you will need to visit their official website and provide some of your personal information as given below

  • Go to www.johnlewis.com/our-services/my-john-lewis
  • Provide your data as will be required
  • Your valid email address
  • Your home addresses
  • You will need to consent to receive loyalty communication so that they can deliver your exclusive rewards, offers, and benefits to you
  • You can’t transfer or copy your card, it can only be used by the named and registered member.
  • Except where stated, you can only use your my John Lewis card in John Lewis and Partners shops (including the Peter Jones, the ground and first floor of Waitrose food and home Canary Wharf) and also for purchases made via Johnlewis.com.

Your email address can only be linked to one of my John Lewis membership, so if you would like to have a second my John Lewis membership, you will need a second email address to complete your registration. And any member of your family who is above 18 and wishes to have a card should join as a member with their email address.

My John Lewis Membership Criteria

For you to be a member of my John Lewis, it’s important that you meet the following criteria below

  • You must up to 18 years of age and above
  • You must be a resident in England
  • You must be a resident in Scotland
  • You must also be a resident in Wales or Northern Ireland

Waitrose & Partners Returns Policy And Guarantee

At Garden by Waitrose and partners, they guarantee only to send you first-rate plants, products, and gifts. They will inspect everything and make sure they are in good condition before sending it to you. They also make sure to package and protect everything being sent to you to make sure no one gets damaged on its way.

However, if you have any problem with incorrect goods, defective goods, damaged goods in transit, there is no cause for alarm below is what you should do when any issue occurs.

  • If you receive something you did not order for, please contact them through their contact customer service ( given below) and return it within 28 working days unused and in the original condition. You will not be charged if everything returned is Ok.
  • If What you purchased damaged in Transit, please contact then too within 14 days and return within 28 working days.
  •  In the case of damaged or defective goods, if returned within the given time and in the original condition, you will either get a replacement or a refund but you must present your order number and if the product is covered by a manufacturers’ warranty, then contact the manufacturer directly.
  • When you receive a plant that is a bad condition, contact them immediately you bring it out of the box and you will be asked to send a photograph of that there is no doubt as to it’s a condition on arrival with you and if it is like that when returned,

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One Year Guarantee For Shrubs, Trees, And Perennials

All fully hardy shrubs, trees, and perennials are guaranteed for one year after you have bought them. If the plant falls in the first 12 months, then you will have to send them a picture of the plant along with the order reference number via Customerservice@waitrose.com.

Once they have determined the cause of the problem, they will either replace it or refund you. But this does not include damages caused by lack of watering or lack of proper Horticultural care.

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